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September 11th, 2006

Basically I made a follow up community for exam_panic_zomg

Anyone doing A-Levels this year join asexams

Anyone doing GCSEs this year (or next year I guess) join exam_panic_zomg


Lastly, I need a 5th year to take over the GCSE community. Comment if you feel like it.

& this is a basic goooodbyeeeeee from me and I suppose all the other a-levellers (except Gerard =])

! x
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September 9th, 2006

[ mood | scared ]

Hi! (I'm new so that's why you haven't seen me before...) I can't believe I am now in year 11 and GCSEs are looming - I am seriously stressed out and now people are retaking modules and redoing coursework that I haven't even done yet! Has anyone got a revision plan because I've got mocks in January and instead of doing my normal wait-until-the-exams-and-then-seriously-freak revision plan, I have decided to be prepared. Got ANY ideas?!?

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August 22nd, 2006

It is now officially


Post em muddafucka
(in this entry)


(oh - good luck and all that jazz, even though there's fuck all that can be done about them know; we're all screwed)

exxxxxx posted
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Physics notes [Tuesday
June 20th, 2006

[ mood | sore ]


I know this is really late but I thought I'd post this anyway, its notes on a bunch of stuff that didn't come up on the first exam


 moment = force x perpendicular distance from pivot

total clockwise moment = anticlockwise moment  

weight = mass x gravity

*Electromagnetic Spectrum

radio waves

micro waves



visable light



X rays

gamma rays

     increasing wavelength

Radio – communications and TV and radio

Microwaves – cooking food, satellite transmission

Infrared – night vision and remote controls

Visible light – for seeing and optical fibre digital communications (OFDC)

Ultraviolet – used to make fluorescent tubes and used to see hidden security marks

X rays – check for broken bones

Gamma – treat cancer and to sterilise medical equipment


*Pressure (Pa)   = force  / area


*Density   =  mass / volume


* blue - neutral
* brown - live, connected to the fuse
* green/yellow - earth


~ a coil of wire (solenoid)  with an iron core
- when current flows through wires, creates magnetic field around it

strenght of electromagnet depends on:

1.)  size of current
2.)  number of turns that the coil has
3.)  what the core is made from

iron - magnetically "soft" , ideal for electomagnets
steel - magnetically "hard" ideal for permanent magets

- change voltage, but only for allernating current voltages


Primary voltage / Secondary voltage =  No. of turn on primary / No. of turns on secondary


Distance /Time

- gradient = speed
- flat sections - stopped
- steeper the graph - faster its going
- downhill - coming back to starting point
- curves - accelerating or deccelerating
- steeping curve - speeding up
- leveling  off curve - slowing down

Velocity / Time
- gradient = accelerating
- flat sections - steady speed
- steeper the graph , greater the acceration or decceleration
- unhill sections - acceleration
- down hill - decceleration
- area under any section - distance
- curve - changing acceleration
# Hookes Law
- If you strech something with a steadily increasing force, then the length with increase steadily also

(or ) Extension is prortional to load

# Refraction
- bending of waves

- changing direction as they enter a different medium

- waves travel slower in a shallower water
-  change in direction
- change in wavelength
- no change in frequency

Glass Block experiment

- air to glass - bends towards the normal
- glass to air - bends away from the normal

# total internal reflection

- only happens when light is coming out of something dense e.g water glass
- if angle is shallow enough ray won't come out at all
- it reflects back into the glass

- spreading out of waves

# Space

- Planet - reflects light - non luminous
- Star - gives out light - luminous
- Solar system - collection of planets orbiting a star
- Galaxy - collection of stars and their solar systems
- Moon - heavenly bodies orbiting a star
- Asteroid - belt of rocks orbiting between mars and jupiter
- Meteors - asteroids knocked out of their orbits
-Comets - orbit sun, have eccentric orbits

First man in space - Uri Gargan - Russian
First man on moon - Neil Armstrong - American

Origins of universe

Big Bang
- all matter in universe was compressed into a very small space then exploded
- 15 billion years ago
- expansion is still going on

Steady State Therory
- Universe has always existed

- God created the universe

- moon - natural satellities
- artifical satelites are created by humans to:

monitor weather
comunication - phone TV
space research e.g. Hubble telescope


Efficiency  = useful energy out / total energy input

-less than one
- or is as a percentage

Renewable / Non renewable

Non renewable
- will run out one day
- all do damage to the enviornment
- provide most of our energy

- coal
- oil
- natural gas
- nuclear fuels (uranium and plutonium

- will never run out
- do not damage the enviornment  (except visually)
- don't provide much energy
- unreliable - they depend on the weather

- wind
- waves
- tides
- hydroelectric
- solar
- geothermal
- food
- biomass (wool)

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Wahey! Got the notes! [Tuesday
June 20th, 2006

Okay, science notes- following AQA double award science. Diagrams and equations however are NOT displayed in this format...so it want a nice word file with the detailed equations and diagrams for the chemsitry one, email me. (v Address below in previous entry)

Physics Electricity --> Read more...Collapse )
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Still have exams?? [Tuesday
June 20th, 2006

Right, yes, I am aware that most exams are OVER...w00t! BUT, nevertheless, there are still some people who have things like science module retakes...o.O Gah.. Anyway, I've still got some notes on the modules for AQA double science that MAY be useful if anyone here is doing those science modules. Just contact me here --> Email!

My friend found my notes useful, so who knows?

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June 14th, 2006

[ mood | accomplished ]

we were given this bunch of notes with the "bones" of our course, you guys might find it useful :)

Want me to elaborate on/explain anything ?

Also, remember to look at this !

This community is well dead like.
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Religion [Tuesday
May 23rd, 2006

[ mood | bored ]

I know I have been neglecting you darling little exam group and:

Religion tomorrow, and I'm about to leave so I don't have time to type up any notes right now


If anyone would like  to be a little darhlink they could go to Brendy's journal ( iambrendy ) around the time of the Rathmore Chrsitmas tests, I typed up a shitload of stories for him the night before he R.E. test; I figured it might be useful.

Well anyway, if anyone bothers just stick the link in a comment :)

Good luck !
(and try to care a little, it effects your G.P.A.)

*tries to care about religion*

Nah, not even.

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Music notes [Monday
May 22nd, 2006

[ mood | coffeeeeeEE ]

These is kinda pointless for GCSE-this-year people, but I might as well not let my notes go to waste, specially if someone is doing Music GCSE next year.

Notes on set worksCollapse )

What the fuck is a reel and shizz? Right here :)Collapse )

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May 21st, 2006


PS They arent really detailed and won't have EVERYTHING in them cos I just summarised what Ive done so far xx
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English Literature [Friday
May 19th, 2006

 FOR POETRY : http://www.ccea.org.uk/ 

Go to the little scroll down bar (microsites) and click poetry anthologies. Each poem you click on has a few links down the left side, and most of them have pretty good points on them.

FOR TKAMB: http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/mocking/

Good luck everyone!! xx
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English Literature [Friday
May 19th, 2006

[ mood | bored ]

To Kill a Mockingbird
Themes & Issues

Right, I'll updates this throughout the weekend and put each theme in a different cut because there's gonna be a hell of a lot of it.

(I'll update the education theme too, because it's pathetically done)

I know ! Rainbow coloured themes !

Okay, who wants to do the Poetry ??.>.>Not me


(Please feel free to add or correct anything =])

Also please excuse the multitude of typos
It's late & I'm tired
So sh'up

Characters will be up tomorrow or the next day.
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May 19th, 2006

ChemistryCollapse )
Electrolysis when I can be bothered.
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History Of Medicine [Thursday
May 18th, 2006

[ mood | optimistic ]

Hopefully this is most of the major points, if i've left something out let me know and i'll slap me for you.

I'll get round to the Wartime medicine eventually and Denvir helped me a lot with this so all praise :)
Hope its helpful to people.
P.S Do we need to know about women's role in medicine anybody?
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May 17th, 2006

[ mood | busy ]

Okay, 9 & 1/2 hours untill the exam & half an hour untill i leave the computer.

I have the syllabus in front of me so I'm going to try and do a :

(Help me :'()

Suggest anything you want me to try and explain

(I'll be gone in 15minutes, if anyone else wants to try and do some of it jsut leave it in comments =])

++Good luck, don't worry, it's just an exam++
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Additional maths - Question [Wednesday
May 17th, 2006

[ mood | blah ]

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Physics [Wednesday
May 17th, 2006

[ mood | bored ]

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Chemistry [Wednesday
May 17th, 2006

[ mood | chipper ]

Anyone want to add or correct anything ?
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Chemistry [Tuesday
May 16th, 2006

[ mood | complacent ]

Organic Chemistry

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English [Tuesday
May 16th, 2006

[ mood | busy ]

Good long list of :

(used in analysing etc)
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